For A Lady’s Heart

A Lady… Beautiful.    It’s Time to Be Cherished In Life & Love

A Lady Beautiful
A Lady Beautiful

Nearly every day we hear that of all ethnic groups, African-American women are now the least likely to be married. Prior to the onset of the feminist movement, television talk shows, and other forms of media presentations, we had a different experience. What did our fore-mothers know about men, love, marriage and maintaining family life that we do not?

We’ll consider the fine art of being a lady through private conversations and sharing of tested and true insights from long ago. Blending spirituality and psychotherapy,, we will also look deeply into those secrets that get you to love, caring and healthy  relationships in marriage and family.

Be delighted and renewed!   Register for this confidential tele-seminar and get ready to experience  your transformed  life. Receive the love, nurturing and support desired by so many. Enjoy a lovely time this summer with this journey to a lady’s life!

Webinar: 6 weeks- Next Date: June 6, 2016

Price: $ 350.00 Grand Total or $45.00 per week. A payment plan is available.

Email: or call 773.752.GROW (4769).

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