Are You Called to the Cure of Souls?

The Cure of Souls Requires Pastoral Art and Skill

Certified Pastoral Psychotherapy professionally integrates religion, spirituality and psychotherapy. It is a unique discipline in mental healthcare. This approach is taught by professionals with in-depth theological education and extensive education and training in clinical psychology. To practice pastoral psychotherapy, ministers were certified by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors ( Achieving that Certification in AAPC was a rigorous undertaking for its candidates. Certified Members maintain licensure for clinical practice as determined by state requirements.

The American Association of Pastoral Counselors organized in 1963 to establish its structure and standards. AAPC is a global leader in the certification of academically prepared ministers and centers for education and training programs in the discipline. Serving in Church and Society, AAPC has often been recognized for excellence in the practice of emotional healthcare.

AAPC members adhere to a thorough Code of Ethics that insures delivery of high quality care, counseling and psychotherapy with other related services.

This is significant. Care and counseling within congregations and communities is so very complex. There has been a huge increase in emotional distress. Many people struggle with trauma, depression, fear, anxiety, marriage and family conflicts, substance abuse and more. Ministers committed to the ‘hope of their calling’ face enormous difficulties.

The Pastoral Care Specialist (PCS) Webinar prepares its participants to confidently face critical issues in this present age. Therefore, the PCS study includes the history of pastoral care and ethics, grief, trauma and loss, personal and professional transformation, clinical diagnosis, marriage and family interventions, gender psychology, the presence of evil in clinical practice, structure of clinical practice and more. Case studies and/or verbatims are part of the training as well. The theology, spirituality and behavioral sciences integration is foundational and well-grounded. A meaningful certificate is awarded participants at the completion of the course.

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