About J. C. Hodge & Associates

The offices of J.C. Hodge & Associates are located in the historically progressive neighborhood of Hyde Park three blocks west of Chicago’s sparkling Lake Michigan.

This unique area is populated by outstanding academic institutions, world-renowned museums and beautiful parks.   There is a  rich ethnic and cultural diversity in Hyde Park as well as many notables of national and international position.  The  business and commercial settings are equally as prominent and diverse.   J.C. Hodge &: Associates has been located in the area since 1994.

J. C. Hodge & Associates offers Certified  Pastoral Psychotherapy, a specialized ministry. Professional services include individual, marriage and family therapy, therapeutic groups  and webinars.  We are available for consultation with institutions and organizations.

For nearly thirty years, J.C. Hodge & Associates has worked to expand services throughout the United States for an interfaith, secular and cross-cultural client base.  The professional services focus on the development of unique and quality mental health care within underserved communities.

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